Solar Financing for your Personal Power Plant

Solar Financing – Solar Power is an Asset which Merits Financing

An Asset is anything, that once owned, financed or leased, provides a return or in some way reduces another necessary expense. Consequently, Solar Power Systems can be classified as an investment because, once purchased and installed, it generates electricity which has a dollar or monetary value. Due to the fact that electricity is something we need everyday to power our lives. We routinely spend many hundreds if not thousands of dollars every month to power ours homes and businesses. Therefore, If you can generate your electricity then you are saving &/or making money. In conclusion, a solar system will eventually pay back its entire cost.

Most noteworthy, the latest solar power insight and trending reports, show we expect growth on the horizon. As a result, this type of growth trend opens up solar financing options. Furthermore, the capital and equity markets see solar power as an extremely profitable commodity.  Hence, if you do not have a lump sum of cash, leasing or using the HERO program will work very well.

In conclusion, a Solar System purchased for cash returns the principle much faster than a leased or financed system.

What if I need Solar Financing or a Lease?

Solar Financing or leasing your solar system is the best choice, when the intent is not to return your principle but to allow you to reduce your energy expenses without making a huge out of pocket investment. As a result, you receive a sizable return on your commitment to pay the finance or lease payments by reducing your monthly expenditures below what you were previously paying for electricity.

Especially relevant is the federal tax benefits of purchasing a solar system is a generous 30% until 2019.  Maybe, a  pre-paid lease may work better if you don’t have a need for a tax benefit.

Milholland Solar, Electric & Roofing has many solar financing options available. As a result, everyone who owns a home or business can enjoy the benefits of putting solar power to work for them.

While our solar consultants work hard for you to find the products and the financial mechanism that match your individual needs. Finally, let us help you understand all of your options so that you can make the correct choice for you.

In conclusion, below is a more in depth look regarding several of the solar finance options available for obtaining your solar power system, saving money, upgrading your homes energy performance and reducing your carbon footprint.

financing solarThe Hero Program

HERO program is a way for homeowners to finance efficiency upgrades to improve their homes energy performance. Hence, energy upgrades on a property help to lower utility bills, increase comfort and reduce carbon emissions. In addition, to the environmental benefits of solar most homeowners enjoy the monthly money saved. As a result, there are no credit checks and the financing is based on property equity values.

Put simply:

  1. The HERO Program provides financing not based on credit score.
  2. The financing is through the property tax, interest is tax deductible and transferable if you sell your home (in most cases).
  3. For solar, we fund many pre-paid leases and Power Purchase Agreement (PPAs).
  4. Maybe, takes less than 2 minutes to see if your property is eligible. Let’s call the HERO Program to see how much your property qualifies for!

As a registered Hero Contractor we can help you with all the details.

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Solar Lease

Pre-Paid Lease

Most noteworthy in a prepaid lease is the leasing company owns the equipment installed on the home. Rather then a full cash up front charge there is a one time cost lower then if you purchased the equipment. Therefore, the homeowners utility rates decreases dramatically lowering your monthly bill.

Zero Down Leasesolar financing

Leasing company owns the solar energy equipment installed on your home and the homeowner pays a monthly payment to lease the equipment. Hence, the monthly payment is less than what would be paid for utility generated power.


  • One time up front payment (Pre-Paid)
  • No up front payment (Zero Down)
  • 30% tax credit and depreciation is taken by Lessor
  • System is warranted and insured for the life of the lease (~20 years)
  • Production is guaranteed for the life of the lease (~20 years)
  • No cost after initial investment


  • End of lease or sale of house buy out/transfer
  • Minimum 680 FICO score


For those who expect to owe taxes and have the cash available to pay upfront for the solar power system, utility savings act as earnings on your investment. Please review all the benefits below:


  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • Own your system outright with ROI of 4-7 years
  • No cost after initial investment
  • Increase to property value


  • Initial investment of $24,000 on average
  • Furthermore, be able to use 30% tax credit before 2019
cash solar financing

Why might someone choose the Cash Option?

  • Primarily interested in maximizing the financial benefits of a solar system
  • Someone who can utilize the tax deduction to offset taxes owed
  • Someone who has the cash or can borrow it at a good rate
  • A business that can realize the tax benefit by treating the solar system as a depreciated asset

Whatever solar financing mechanism you choose, Solar Power is the most effective way to reduce your expenses and your carbon footprint. In conclusion, if you own a home, Solar is the safest high returning investment vehicle available today. Contact us at 858 541-1097 or use the “contact us” to see how you can acquire your own personal power plant and save money today!

Rebate Information

Milholland Solar Electric and Roofing is a authorized Energy Upgrade California Contractor. SDG&E is offering substantial rebates and credits for those who are ready to improve their energy profile and save money.

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