Solar Panel Repair & Maintenance


So, you purchased a Solar system that came with a 10 year installation warranty and a 25 year manufacturer warranty from a solar installer in San Diego County. You did your home work on the system and everything looked great…until it stopped working and the solar installer won’t answer their phone. In an area with rapid growth such as the San Diego solar industry, this is much more common than you think. You now have what we in the solar industry call an orphaned solar system.

Every day that your solar system isn’t working your utility bill grows. It’s bright and sunny outside, and you realize that your system could be producing valuable solar energy for your household. It’s important to get it back online quickly, Milholland Electric can help you.

We service and repair all solar panel systems, and can help you get items replaced under warranty even if we didn’t install the solar system. In some cases we might be able to get the manufacturer to help offset the costs of our service and pass the savings on to you. In all cases our service fees will be well spent getting your system producing power and buying down your utility bill once again.

Our services include: repairing your system, adding panels to your system, system monitoring, production verification, and more.

We currently service San Diego County and surrounding areas. We’ve been in business for 27 years and have installed systems all over San Diego County and Southern California. We strive to provide the best possible customer service in every situation and have been awarded for our efforts long standing reputation in our community.

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