Is it time to Re-Roof or Repair your Roof?

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Determining whether you should re-roof or repair, you want to consider all of the factors that should influence the decision: cost, efficiency, cost, your needs, and cost. First, you do not want to assume that the cheapest solution to fixing your roof is going to be repair. Sometimes, roof replacement cost can be more economical in the long run. (You are already paying a crew to set-up and work on your house so you might want to consider having them complete the entire roof.) Also, preventive replacement (because only patches of a roof need repair but the roof is nearing recommended replacement) can be more costly because a crew can re-roof in more optimal weather without as much damage to the home. In conclusion, you will want to think about what kind of repairs would be required for your roof and then decide what you need at that moment.

What if I have a Tile Roof?

Tile roofs may last a lifetime but the underlayment will not. The general life of an underlayment is 20 years if, no other of the following problems haven’t occurred. Common problems for the underlayment are a broken tile, flashing slip or a cracked tile. These can all cause the underlayment to erode and fail. Milholland roofing can detect and fix these maintenance issues before installing your new solar system.

Our qualified roofing department is able to identify if your roof will need a tune-up, reset or a complete tear off. We work on all types of roofs including composite, tile, concrete or rolled. If it is your home or your office that needs a look call us at 858-541-1097. Let us check out your roof before the next storm hits.

Tune in to The Approved Home Pro Show. Brian Milholland will explain the difference between Re-Roof or Repair and when to get a tune up.

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