Milholland for all your Roofing Needs

You know Milholland as San Diego’s most trusted name for solar and electric services, and now you can turn to the same award-winning team for your roofing needs.

Milholland Roofing

Milholland Roofing Services

First of all, Milholland Solar Electric & Roofing is a fully licensed electrical solar and roofing contractor.  As a result, our highly trained roofing professionals on staff make sure your home is covered. We cover roofing as part of a solar installation to roofing repairs and total re-roofs. Most noteworthy is Milholland handles everything in-house with no sub-contractors.

Roofing for Solar Installations

Because, the roof is one of the most important pieces of your home. Most of all, a roof covers and protects your family and belongings, but it won’t last forever. By utilizing Milholland, for your solar power installation process will be handled from beginning to end, including any roofing needs. In conclusion, the number one goal during the solar installation is to protect your roofs integrity.

Finally, we design your solar system to last decades. Therefore, the roof under that system needs to last just as long. Milholland’s expert team will evaluate your roof as a standard part of your solar install.  They can find and repair any existing issues ensuring your roof maintains maximum protection for your home.  In conclusion, your solar project is covered with the Milholland team.

Roofing Needs by MilhollandRoof repair

General Roofing Repairs & Re-Roofs

Milholland’s roofing division can handle any roofing needs you may have.  From roof inspections, to repairs and total re-roofs, Milholland’s roofing experts have the knowledge and expertise to do your job with excellence.  For over 26 years, Milholland has handled the electrical and solar needs of your friends and neighbors. Now, you can turn to them for your roofing needs with the same confidence.

Milholland Solar, Electric and Roofing

Milholland has been serving San Diego for over 26 years. This sets the bar for quality, service and attention to detail in the home improvement industry. In 2012, Milholland was a finalist for the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Ethics.  In 2015, founder and owner Brian Milholland, awarded California’s Small Business Person of the Year.

Solar Roof PreparationCA Lic  #585514

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