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What will you do when the power goes Out?

Introducing the perfect back up plansonnenBatterie eco – an intelligent energy storage system. The system that turns your solar powered house into a smart energy home!

With over 10,000 systems installed globally, the fully-integrated, sonnenBatterie is the most popular and most proven battery storage solution.

Adding a sonnenBatterie system helps keep your house safe during an outage! It will power your essential needs such as a safety lights, central AC and furnace fans, refrigerators and phone chargers.

Beyond backup power,  our safe, all-in-one energy storage system seamlessly integrates with new and existing solar to help you:

* reduce your electricity bills

* store excess solar energy for use when electricity is expensive and at night

* use your solar system during power outages

* become energy independent with self consumption

* monitor and manage household energy usage


      install sonnen
Installing sonnen                                                          sonnen system installed


Here are the sonnenBatterie advantages over alternative sources of battery backup power:

*Keeps your solar modules producing power when the grid goes out to keep your lights on

*Batteries will last 20 years before needing to be replaced

*Fully UL certifies for safe installation anywhere in your home

*Clean, all-in-one design that fits into any room and its easy to install

*System monitoring and visibility into your energy usage via the web portal and mobile app

*Lowest cost to own and operate with highest return on investment

*No annual maintenance and no ventilation required

Don’t take our word for it, read more about Sonnen:


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