Businesses are embracing the value of Solar Power

Commercial Solar Power provides a cost effective way to:

  • Reduce Operating ExpensesME-building--commercial solar power

  • Increase Building and Real Estate Values

  • Take advantage of Tax Credits and Rebates

  • Capture Accelerated Depreciation

  • Turn Unused Square Footage into Revenue

Commercial Solar Power offers your business a safe return on investment and creates an environmentally friendly image of your company.

Furthermore, we have many financing options available to implement your custom solar project. Here is a brief listing of current options.

  • Federal Tax Credits & Accelerated Depreciation – The Federal Government offers a 30% Federal Tax Investment Credit on commercial solar power systems and allows businesses an accelerated depreciation scheduled (MACRS) over 5 years.

  • Low Interest Loans and PACE Funding  – Many options are available today. Please contact us directly for your company’s project.

  • Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) – A financial agreement where the developer sells the power generated to the host customer at a fixed rate that is typically lower than the local utility’s rate.


Corporate Mission Statement: “To exceed the expectations of our solar & electrical customers by providing the highest quality, most cost effective solutions for their traditional & solar energy needs, to employ the highest standards of safety, ethics and ecological responsibility while forging new relationships and earth friendly communities.”-by Brian Milholland, President

The commercial solar process goes as follows: Evaluation, Design, Permit, Install and Monitor

electrical-panelFirst, we want to help your business protect profit margins by sheltering your operational costs from increases in the price of energy.

Also, we help you achieve your company’s Green energy goal  by assessing maximum production with the most efficient products available on the market today.

Finally, Milholland Solar Electric and Roofing will perform a detailed analysis of your energy needs and utility rates. In addition, to your strategic and financial objectives to customize a solution that meets your short and long term goal.

Therefore, please contact us for a no obligation consultation 858-541-1097.