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Since 1990, Milholland  is dedicated to meeting the solar, electrical, and roofing needs and expectation of our customers. We began as an Electrical Contracting firm but have grown into a full scale Solar Power Company. Milholland Solar Electric & Roofing is a Small Business Enterprise, a member of the Better Business Bureau and a Veteran-owned business. Brian Milholland, is a state certified Disabled Veteran Owned Business DVOB. Our team specializes in serving residential, commercial, and industrial properties for Solar, Electrical, and Roofing. We have been proud to share our continued success in and around San Diego County and Arizona.  If you have any questions, please give us a call at 858-541-1097.

Mission: Milholland strives to exceed the expectations of our solar electrical & roofing customers by providing the highest quality, most cost effective solutions for their traditional & solar energy electrical & roofing needs; to employ the highest standards of safety, ethics and ecological responsibility while forging new relationships and earth friendly communities.

The Vision: of Milholland Solar Electric & Roofing is to be instrumental in creating a safer electrical and energy environment and an informed community by staying on the forefront of technology, sharing our expertise with our customers and employing techniques that reduce energy waste and promote a sustainable future.

Why Use Milholland Solar Electrical & Roofing Contracting Company

In 2016, Milholland Solar Electric & Roofing entered its 26th year of serving the people of San Diego as a trusted solar electric and roofing contractor. Milholland is proud of its role in helping to make California a green state!

Over the past few years, the company has experienced exponential growth correlating with the increasing popularity of solar energy. Many people want to install solar panels in their homes and businesses. Furthermore, this benefits reduced energy costs and lessen their impact on the environment.

The past few years have seen reductions in rebates associated with the solar industry, yet solar power continues to provide a great return on investment and attract more customers yearly.  Solar panels today are cheaper to produce and more efficient. Due to, improved manufacturing processes and the experience gained over the last three decades of developing solar energy methods. Furthermore, the rising cost of utilities in southern California makes investing in solar power more financially feasible than ever.  The projected utility cost increases have led many homeowners to consider solar power seriously for the first time.

As you consider solar power, Milholland stands out as a clear choice for serving your needs. The SBA State of California Small Business Person of the Year in 2015 awarded to Brian Milholland. At Milholland, solar means more to us than just a means to make a living. We truly believe in the power of solar energy to change our world. Milholland Solar Electric & Roofing is committed to being your solar energy partner for life. We have been here for 26 years and we plan to be here for the next 26. Our goal is for you to call us for maintaining your valuable investment in your solar system and ensure that you receive prompt, professional service whenever you need it.

Milholland handles not only installation of quality solar panels but all maintenance and repair issues, including:

  • Repairs for non-working or under-producing solar systems. Our professional staff services any solar system whether we installed it or not. Most noteworthy, we work with your manufacturer to ensure that your warranties are honored.
  • Reports for real estate transactions. If you are buying or selling a home and need a solar system inspection report, Milholland will provide fast, professional inspection and report on the condition of any solar system.
  • Commercial and residential service and repair. Milholland offers quality repair by a professional electrical team for both residential and commercial solar systems.
  • Installation and service of electrical vehicle chargers. Electric vehicles are gaining in popularity and Milholland Solar Electric & Roofing stands ready to assist you. We install both home and business electrical charging stations and we service existing ones.

Milholland Solar Electric & Roofing focuses on preserving the environment, conserving energy and saving money for our customers while helping them to live productive and pollution-free lives. A 2012 BBB Torch Award For Ethics Finalist, Milholland is dedicated to helping you power your life with the sun’s rays and focusing on preservation of the planet for generations to come.

Guiding Principles:


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Exceed customer expectations:

The focus of each job is to provide the customer with “Best In Class Service.” Hence, this can take the form of extra services or product. Also, it may mean that the job is completed ahead of schedule or for less than quoted. In addition, before any work begins all jobs are quoted and agreed to.  Hence, care is taken to determine all costs. As a result, this helps minimize the possibility of surprises.

Live the Golden Rule (Respect & Fairness):

Treat the customer as an individual and not just another job. Whether the job is adding a circuit to an existing electrical service or a custom solar install. Treat everyone respectfully, equally and courteously.

Pursue Excellence (Preparation, Organization, Accuracy, & Accountability):

A job well done starts in the preparation stage. While it progresses in an orderly fashion through completion. Electrical contracting requires accuracy at all times. In conclusion, to not only protect the customer but in accordance with local and national building codes. As in the pursuit of excellence, there are no shortcuts with electrical contracting. Most of all, the company is strictly accountable to the client, the community and the California Contractors Board.

Work as a team (Collaborate):

The staff at Milholland Solar Electric & Roofing is required to work as a team. This promotes a better job atmosphere. In addition, allows team members to learn and grow.  So, that someone who normally does solar cleaning or installation can also help out when needed on a lighting retrofit or an electric panel upgrade.

Share Knowledge (Teach & Communicate):

This principle is focused on past, present and potential customers. In 2011, the company began to distribute a monthly e-newsletter. As a result, today our Facebook page provides a variety of news and information. Most of all coming from solar and energy related news sources. Especially relevant, this information does not normally make it to the headlines of local news outlets. In conclusion, the readership has grown. Hence, many have remarked how thankful they are for the information on solar, renewable energy, conservation and going green.

Operate in honesty and integrity:

Milholland Solar Electric & Roofing has always operated with the highest standards and transparency providing guaranteed quotes and warranted work. The reviews and documentation in this presentation as well as the BBB A+ rating speaks of the company’s success in this area.

Keep it Simple (Make it easy for customers to do business with us and for us to work together):

One key to happy customers is to make the working relationship as simple as possible. As the result, the company confirms all communications in writing and email. Also, provides easy to read quotes, forms, and documentation. Furthermore, we have an automated attendant on the phone system for directing calls after hours. Most noteworthy, the website provides valuable information. Consequently, it includes a contact form for leaving messages 24 hours a day.

Risk Management & Safety (Environment, Business, & People):

Milholland Solar Electric & Roofing has always been committed to the safety of its staff, clients and the community. Each job has a Site Safety form completed. Also, weekly safety training keeps the staff up-to-date and informed on the latest safety regulations. In conclusion, we manage all risks before, during and at the close of each job.

Milholland Solar Electric & Roofing enjoys great relationships, favorable reviews, referrals and repeat business because the company adheres to its guiding principles.

Contact us for a free Solar Electric Evaluation. Let us show you how you can produce your own electricity and spin your meter backwards.

Milholland would like to say “Thank You” for your continued support and referrals. We continue to grow and expand our services to meet our increasing customer inquiry. We encourage you to take a look at our solar services and products. Call us at (858) 541-1097.

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