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Why Go Solar?

Solar energy is a good choice for customers in southern California and Arizona.  There are several reasons that solar power benefits California and Arizona residents and businesses, including:

  • Solar Power helps you Save Money every month. The cost for utility generated electricity is increasing by 10-30% each year and installing solar allows you to eliminate most or all of the monthly electric bill.
  • No greenhouse gasesFossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas give off a byproduct known as “greenhouse gases.”  These emissions can have a harmful impact on the environment.  Solar power gives off no emissions and is completely safe for the environment.  Because solar power converts the sun’s radiation into energy, there are no chemicals, gasses, smoke or other byproducts from solar energy production.
  •  Free energy.  There is no such thing as “free energy,” but if any form of energy production comes close to meeting this definition it is solar energy.  Beyond the initial installation costs and maintenance, solar energy is free to produce.  It does not require extensive use of expensive raw materials and requires significantly less labor per kilowatt hour than any other form of energy production.  Milholland Electric can help those who want to install solar panels keep the initial and ongoing costs down, as well.
  • Long-lasting.  Unlike many other appliances and fixtures in the home, the life expectancy of quality solar panels is at least 25 years and often as much as 40 years.  Milholland Electric installs quality solar panels with long-term guarantees.
  • Less dependency on centralized power sources.  Southern California is notorious as one of the most expensive places in the country when it comes to utility bills.  The average electric bill in southern California is as much as four times greater than the average bill in other parts of the country.  Solar energy allows homeowners to remove the dependency on a centralized power supply that can cost thousands of dollars over the life of a home.
  • Store and save energy.  The energy generated by a single solar power system may be more than the homeowner uses.  In that case, many municipalities will repurchase the extra energy from the homeowner.
  • Excellent Financing Options. Both the cash and no money $0.00 down lease customer are well served in California’s solar market.
  • Tax incentives.  Although the tax incentives and rebates for installing solar power change from time to time, both federal and state governments are often willing to give homeowners tax breaks for installing solar power.  Milholland Electric can help homeowners understand available tax incentives and rebates and insure they have the proper documentation to take advantage of these offers.

Contact us at our San Diego office for a free Home or Business Solar Electric Evaluation. Not only can we provide the best solar panels at the best prices but no part of the work is subcontracted. We do it all and want to be your solar partner. We’ve been serving San Diego and Arizona for nearly 25 years and we will be here when you need us. Let us show you how you can produce your own electricity with renewable energy efficient solar panels and spin your meter backwards.

Milholland Electric Inc is the premier solar and electrical contractor in Southern California.  Serving residential and commercial property owners throughout San Diego, Southern California and Arizona.

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